Luger 1982

Chris Luger, a fascistic psychopath from The Hague, kidnaps the simple-minded daughter of a millionaire. Her dad refuses to pay the ransom.

The Third Solution

The Third Solution 1988

The Roman Catholic Pope is planning a reconciliatory meeting with the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, an event awaited for many generations. But suddenly, right while the Pope is addressing the crowds gathered in the Piazza Navone, a nun is assassinated by a Ukrainian, placing the upcoming talks between the two leaders in jeopardy. And the head of the American diplomatic corps (the nun was an American) assigns the investigation of the killing to one of his underlings, which leads the young man to investigate the Russicum, a center for the study of Russia within the Vatican city. And from there he finds himself caught up in an intrigue of international proportions, filled with agents and double agents, and ending with a revelation most unexpected.

Desant na Oringu

Desant na Oringu 1980

An avalanche cuts off builders of the Baikal-Amur railway from civilisation. Alexander Ivanov's team tries to find a short way through the Taiga to progress the railway.

Caged Desires

Caged Desires 1970

16-year-old Maggie is jailed for performing an illegal (and fatal) abortion on a girl friend. While inside she is the subject of hostile advances from the other inmates but eventually she finds love with a woman named Angel



Methbusters takes you along with a film crew following the Franklin County Missouri narcotics task force, as they take down home made meth labs in the most active illegal amphetamine manufacturing state in the U.S.. Every year except 2010, Missouri has led every state in the number of busted meth labs, only behind once by Tennessee, since it's inception in 2005. National Geographic channel aired this pilot film July 8, 2014, as Det. Sgt. Jason Grellner leads his highly trained swat team on busts that numbered 1,500 as of the taping. Nat Geo reports that Det. Sgt. Grellner and his team never lose a case, and besides busting meth labs, they also bust trafficking of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. - National Geographic Channel, Sub-Saharan Africa KMOV Channel 4, St. Louis

The Black Wall

The Black Wall 1989

A young gang member, discontented with his life, but not knowing how to sever ties with the gang he has grown up with is told he can only leave the gang by death. Starring and Directed by Lau Ga Yung of the Lau Brothers action family.

República da Traição

República da Traição 1970

European couple arrive at the Republic of Maraguaya with a strange mission. But the involvement with a local man, whom they hire as an employee, will change their plans.


Dansen 1983

Based on crime fiction novel written by Seicho Matsumoto.