Markadong Hudas

Markadong Hudas 1993

Daniel Braganza (Cesar Montano) is the leading assassin of a big crime syndicate, a killer totally bereft of a conscience, thereby earning the nickname of Markadong Hudas. Unknown to the underworld, Daniel is only doing his job to earn big amounts of money to save the life of his young daughter who is very sick and needs expensive care.

North of the Border

North of the Border 1946

Rancher "Utah" Neyes crosses the border into Canada to meet his partner, only to find that the latter has been murdered by a gang led by "Nails" Nelson. "Utah", with the aid of RCMP Jack Craig and fur-trapper Ivy Jenkins, manages to clear his own name of suspicion and also break up Nelson's fur-stealing and smuggling racket.

The Rocks of Valpre

The Rocks of Valpre 1919

A romantic melodrama about a young woman, Christine, who falls in love with a glamorous French soldier. Bertrand is involved in secret work with the French army but when he gets falsely accused of stealing army plans, she marries the sensible, rich and older Trevor Mordaunt.

Sweet Trash

Sweet Trash 1970

An alcoholic longshoreman, deep in debt to the mob, is forced into an increasingly debauched nightmare as he tries to avoid the thugs out to get him. Along the way, he meets local oddballs, violent criminals, and lusty women. With a mysterious computer controlling everyone’s actions this grimy artistic film with almost science fiction-esque fear of future mind control was made well before it’s time.

Ship of Wanted Men

Ship of Wanted Men 1933

A shipful of fugitives from justice pulls up on a Pacific Island where there are no extradition laws. The island is a magnet for the scum of the earth, as well as a few honest guys who were framed. Into this den of iniquity swims socialite Dorothy Sebastian, who jumped off a yacht after apparently murdering her lecherous host. To remain on the Island, Sebastian is told that she must pay $5,000 to head honcho Fred Kohler -- and if she hasn't got the money, it is implied, there are other methods of collection.

The Tilbury Run

The Tilbury Run

Set in the explosive heartland of Essex during the Hedonistic rush of the emerging Club scene. Where drugs Music and money collided with the Essex Underworld.


Watchmaker 2013

Action drama based on the story about a conflict between retired killer and his young replacement.

She Banked in Her Stocking; or, Robbed of Her All

She Banked in Her Stocking; or, Robbed of Her All 1905

The formal name of the peep show machine was the Mutoscope -- at least when it was manufactured by the American Mutoscope & Biograph Company, which later became simply "Biograph" and is best remembered for the films directed by D.W. Griffith with G.W. "Billy" Bitzer as him cameraman. At this point, however, Griffith was a struggling stage actor and Bitzer was a leading cameraman for Biograph. This meant that he did all sorts of movies, including peep shows, and this is one of them. The title tells all and the show shows a lot as a woman exposes a shapely limb and is punished for her flouting of decent behavior.

I Cover the Underworld

I Cover the Underworld 1955

Gunner O'Hara is about to be released from prison after serving a five-year sentence, and receives a visit from his twin brother John, a divinity student soon to be ordained as a priest. Aware that Gunner plans to resume his criminal career, John decides to stop him.

Dayton's Devils

Dayton's Devils 1968

Frank Dayton (Leslie Nielsen) leads a group of crooks in a caper to steal $2,500,000 from an Air Force base. Dayton is the tough-guy military leader who recruits Mike (Rory Calhoun), ex-Nazi Max (Hans Gudegast), sadistic killer Barney Barry (Barry Sadler), and failed French artist Claude (Pat Renella) in the scheme.


Silence 1931

A gray-haired convict, within the shadows of the gallows, tells his story to the prison chaplain beginning twenty years earlier when he was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit.

The Barrio Murders

The Barrio Murders 2001

In this hard-edged urban drama, when a shocking murder is committed in a Hispanic neighborhood in East Lost Angeles, the local residents are up in arms and demand action from the police. When the cops prove slow to investigate the killing, the local street gangs who prowl the area put aside their differences and set out to find the murderer themselves.