Hunted in Holland

Hunted in Holland 1961

English schoolboy and his Dutch pen friend chase a diamond smuggling gang in Holland.

Rockets in the Dunes

Rockets in the Dunes 1960

Story of a group of children and their efforts to prevent the War Office from closing their beloved beach to make a rocket-launching site.

Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery 1964

Three children are locked in a store by accident. They help catch a gang who break into the store the same day in order to get to the bank next door.

Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings 1964

Two children on a holiday with archaeologist parents expose the villainy of Arab workmen and help their father find the treasure he is after.

The Last Round

The Last Round 1964

When three year old Willy wanders away from home he falls among thieves. They are forced to kidnap him. The police ask Dickie, his elder brother and his friend, Johnny to help in the search. Johnny's friends all join in and meet with varied adventures. The children find Willy in a disused warehouse but cannot rescue him. Three more are caught by the gang who lock them in with the now unconscious gang leader and escape with the jewels. The police, alerted by the children, capture the gang, recover the jewels and finally rescue the children, including Willy